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Choosing to have an AC installation in your home can provide you with some welcome relief from scorching temperatures. Escaping the heat with your own AC system or, at the very least, an air conditioning unit can be beneficial to many people throughout the year.

However, making sure you have your AC fitted correctly by a professional engineer such as Mike Balan Air Conditioning Inc, Hollywood, can avoid any concerns at the time of AC installation.

Avoiding Concerns At The Time of AC Installation

  • Location – It’s critical to pick a good spot for the indoor unit to be installed to provide balanced cooling. Unfortunately, people frequently mistake placing the indoor unit in an extremely elevated location, which negatively impacts AC performance. Instead, the indoor unit should be positioned between 7 and 8 feet above the ground. An air conditioner can be installed at this height to produce a balanced airflow across the space in your home.
  • Cover Wiring – Because exposed wires can be dangerous to your family members, cover them appropriately during installation. Furthermore, rodents can easily nibble through exposed wires, which is another reason why the entire wiring should be well covered.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight – Installing any indoor or outdoor units in a location that receives direct sunlight can lead to overheating issues in the future. Instead, install your air conditioner in a shady location to reduce the odds of it breaking down unexpectedly.

To find out more about how you can alleviate any concerns at the time of AC installation, contact Mike Balan Air Conditioning for all your AC needs in Hollywood.