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HALO LED Air Purification

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We all want to protect our homes. We all know we need to keep them as clean, safe, and healthy as possible. In the current circumstances – with the outbreak of COVID-19 – this means washing our hands regularly, disinfecting clothes and products brought in from the outside, and maintaining social distancing.

But the recent coronavirus pandemic has also drawn the attention of many homeowners to the possibility of air-born contaminants and pollutants indoors, that they may not have been aware of before.   

And as a result, many of us are looking into air purifiers as a possible solution. An air purifier can keep the air we breathe clean, and our families safe and healthy. Not only can a high-quality air-purifier eliminate unwanted substances from the air, it can also reduce triggers for asthma attacks and keep allergens at bay. All of which can make the symptoms of coronavirus significantly worse.        

The HALO-LED is a LED in-duct, whole home air purification system that is both mercury free and zero ozone compliant. It proactively treats every cubic inch of air conditioned space, reducing airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants through bi-polar ionization and revolutionary (patent pending) REME-LED™ technology.

Whilst there is no guarantee this sophisticated air filter can completely remove all air-born viruses from the air you breath, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that they will remove the large majority of contaminants, as well as those which are known to worsen the symptoms of COVID-19. This means the HALO-LED may be a useful tool in your efforts to protect your overall health in the current pandemic.    

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