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Pembroke Pines Florida AC Repair


If you need a reliable air-conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance and you’re in the right place. Mike Balan AC is ideally located for your Pembroke Pines AC repair. We are proud to say that we have over 20 years of experience, servicing and repairing AC units of all kinds. Get in touch today for your Pembroke Pines AC repair.


Professional Repair of Your AC Unit

Having your malfunctioning AC unit repaired is essential. Clogged exchanges and broken filters can lead to particle infiltration. This will drag outside it into your home or business premises. To solve this problem, before it leads to health issues, call Mike Balan Pembroke Pines AC repair. 


We can fix your AC units quickly and efficiently.


Allergens and Mold in Your Air-conditioning Ducts

Air-conditioning ducts to transport air from the outdoor heat exchange unit into the indoor vent, and then back again. The purpose of ducting is to remove warm air to cool your interiors. However, ducts can attract allergens and mold if not adequately maintained. Not only will this cause damage to your air-conditioner and cut its lifespan, but it can cause health issues. But with a single quick call, you can book your Pembrokeshire Pines AC repair today.


With over 20 years of experience, we can quickly and efficiently repair all issues that you have with your HVAC system, both large and small. We also offer an incredible home insulation service, to make sure that your investment in air-conditioning returns the maximum effect and efficiency. 


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